Future Walk

Address: Brunnshög, 222 22 Lund Show map

Address: Brunnshög, 222 22 Lund

The future walk in Brunnshög is designed to let you get a feel for how the area looks today and what the plans are for its future.

For each point marked on the map there is a short film with descriptions of the plans for that area, as well as for Brunnshög as a whole. Please download a folder and bring with you on your future walk.

The main way is that you bring a mobile device that can read QR-codes with you on your walk in Brunnshög, and follow the route marked on the map. At each point on the map there is a sign with more information. The combination of being in the physical landscape and seeing the films with information and some artistic visions for the area is an excellent way of understanding how the development is being thought out.

Another option is to download the soundtracks to the films from www.lund.se/Brunnshog/Hamta-material/Future-Walk/ and listen to them at the appropriate point as you are walking through the area. The pictures that go with the films and show off the visions for the different areas are not on the signs in Brunnshög, but you can see them on the webpage before you go.

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