Romeleåsens Dressincykling

Address: Björnstorps by, 247 98 Genarp Show map

Address: Björnstorps by, 247 98 Genarp

Jump onto a Buda Velocipede and cycle from Björnstorp to Veberöd.

We offer you an environmentally friendly adventure in beautiful, natural surroundings on "Romeleåsen", which has existed for billions of years and is one of Skåne's most important heritages. It is important to keep it for future generations and with that in mind we provide this fantastic possibility of recreation without harming the environment!

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About this activity

  • Phone number (booking)
    +46 (0)705-74 76 22
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  • Opening hours
    Open daily April - October 1st Shift 1: 9 am - 12.45 noon 2nd Shift: 1 am - 4.45 pm 3rd Shift: 5 pm - 8.45 pm
  • Price information
    250 SEK per cycle and shift