Malmstens Fisk & Kök

Address: Saluhallen, Mårtenstorget, 22351 LUND Show map

Address: Saluhallen, Mårtenstorget, 22351 LUND

Malmstens Fisk & Kök a bright oasis in Lunds markethall. The inviting resturant attracts both lunch and dinner guests.

"We like to be generous, honest and relaxed," says Björn Malmsten, chef and co-owner with brother Erik, who manages the fish counter in the market hall. ”In our hands "bad guys" beomes good food!”, Björn refers to "forgotten" produce and odd cuts which deserves a place on the plate in more kitchens. A hearty rabbit stew, newly opened oyster or apple compote with almond cake are some dishes on the menu from the open kitchen, to be enjoyed preferably with a glass of wine or beer!

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    +46 046-12 63 54
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    Monday-Thursday 11:30-23:00, Friday-Saturday 11:30-24:00 Special opening hours: Closed: 24,25,26,31 December, 1,6 January