Krognoshuset Konstföreningen Aura

Address: Mårtenstorget 3, 22351 Lund Show map

Address: Mårtenstorget 3, 22351 Lund

Contemporary art displayed in a medieval environment.

The Krognos House is one of the oldest buildings in Lund, probably dating from the 14th century. It was long considered to be the remains of a monastery. But recent research has proved that the building originally formed part of an estate belonging to the wealthy, noble and at that time – Danish family, Krognos, whose name means hooked nose. Over the years the building has served many different purposes; for a time it was even a beer house. Since 1905 the building has been the property of the municipality of Lund. In 1928 a group of artists and art lovers in Lund founded the art association ”Konstföreningen Aura”. One of the principal aims of this association was to find a place in which to arrange exhibitions and in 1929 the local government placed the Krognos House at the disposal of Aura for exhibitions.

Today Aura is an association consisting of 400 supporting members and the Aura Group – 51 well known artists from the region. Nowadays Aura’s main purpose is to create interest in contemporary art and to this end ten exhibitions a year are arranged in the Krognos House. Members of the Aura Group as well as artists from other parts of Sweden and abroad are invited to exhibit. The charming medieval atmosphere of the tiny, narrow building with its winding staircases is considered a special challenge to the guest exhibitors.

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