SASA/SASNET Fika without borders Bangladesh seminar

Standort: Lund
Kategorie: Literatur & Vorträge, Sonstige Veranstaltungen

The South Asian Student Association (SASA) organises its eighth informal Fika Without Borders South Asia event in collaboration with SASNET focusing on Bangladeshi food and music.

The main presentation for this edition will be given by Manpreet Janeja, assistant professor at the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies at the University of Copenhagen. She will discuss how food plays a prominent role in variegated trajectories of imagining Bangladesh. Food figures in visual art, music, religious rituals, as well as literary tropes, development discourses, and the political economy of hunger. The talk focuses on the aesthetics of normal food in imagining Bangladesh. Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork, it examines the practices of everyday cooking and eating ‘normal Bengali meals’ in middle-class households in the city of Dhaka that employ cooks from poor classes, also drawn from other parts of Bangladesh. In so doing, it illuminates the dynamic character of the aesthetics of food as integral to forms of belonging and domesticity. This way the presentation invites the audience to approach the form that a meal acquires as a window on the flux of everyday life in the South Asian city. After the presentation there will be Bangladeshi food served and there will be a music performance by Lund Baul's, a music group interpreting Bangladeshi Baul music.

The event will be held at the usual venue: the basement floor at Lund University External Relations building, Stora Algatan 4, Lund.


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